Why Use LED Lighting in Healthcare?

Lighting plays an important role in healthcare. In 24/7 working environments like hospitals, energy and cost saving potential with the use of LED lighting is substantial. LED fixtures consume less energy and require less maintenance than fluorescent fixtures. Here are a few places where the use of LED lighting can enhance the spaces while still reducing energy consumption in Healthcare:

  1. Lighting in the entrance halls makes people less apprehensive, inspires confidence and makes the surroundings appear friendlier.
  2. For a hospital, it is important to ensure that a high level of brightness is avoided so patients are not uncomfortable.
  3. In waiting rooms, dimmable wall lighting and table luminaires will radiate a relaxing ambience.
  4. Exam rooms with optimal light color and high-quality color rendering assist in examination and diagnosis.
  5. In imaging rooms, a calming environment that can include color lighting using LEDs can help patients feel more at ease.
  6. Nurse’s station with task lighting, down lighting and accent lighting on the backwall created a more pleasant working atmosphere.
  7. LED lights offer great solutions for indoor and outdoor parking.

Advantages of LED Lights in Healthcare

  • Energy Efficient- LEDs are now capable of outputting 135 lumens/watt
  • Long Lifetime- 50,000 hours or more if properly engineered
  • Rugged- LEDs are made of solid material
  • No warm-up period- LEDs light instantly
  • Not Affected by cold temperatures- LEDs will start even in subzero weather
  • Space Efficient- Recessed LED lights require less space
  • Directional- With LEDs you can direct the light where you want it
  • Excellent Color Rendering- LEDs do not wash out colors
  • Environmentally friendly- LEDs contain no mercury
  • Controllable- LEDs can be easily controlled for brightness and color

As you can see there are vast amounts of research about the benefits and advantages that LED lighting has on hospitals. It is easy to see why facility managers chose to go with LED lighting. Switching to LED lights can have a dramatic impact on patient health, staff satisfaction, and the environment. Contact Lighting Solutions today for any questions you have on healthcare lighting.