Who Is Skilled Services?

Skilled Services, LLC offers prompt, coordinated, and turnkey construction for a wide variety of customers in various markets. This skilled team of experts has nearly 30 years of professional service experience in general contracting. Their specialties include custom facility improvements and structural repair projects. Every day, they strive to make your workspace more functional and excel in updating buildings with topline constructability.

A Proactive Approach

Most general contractors don’t care about the long-term value of your building. They’re mainly concerned about fulfilling orders within the designated timeline. Skilled Services is different. These experts prioritize the quality of your project, and they never waste time on initiatives. To them, there’s no project too big or small. Every task is handled with superior craftsmanship and excellent attention to detail.

Whether it’s a bathroom remodel or a complete office transformation, you can count on Skilled Services to go above and beyond to maximize the functions of your facility. When it comes to design/build, this team takes a comprehensive approach to satisfy your needs.

  1. Discovery: This is where your partnership begins. Skilled Services hits the ground running to understand your goals and capabilities for the project. Experts meet with you, ask questions, and examine your budget.
  2. Define: The second step of the process is to help make your goals attainable. Skilled Services surfs the market to identify the best solutions for your needs. Finally, project managers develop a plan with realistic outcomes that work accordingly within the parameters of your budget.
  3. Design: During the design phase, the project becomes an actionable plan. This is when final decisions about deliverables are made. The design team meets with you to create a timeline for construction and engineering.
  4. Delivery: Finally, it’s time to bring your concept to life. Skilled Services coordinates the entire project with minimal disruption. During the delivery stage, you have a dedicated project manager communicating with you through every step. From demolition to construction, through the fitting stage, and all the way to the final cleanup, you have a team of experts working to keep the project organized and on schedule.

Improve Efficiency in Your Work Environment

The experts at Skilled Services are ready to streamline your next construction project from concept beyond completion.


Services Offered

When it comes to office renovations, Skilled Services has everything covered. This team understands what it takes to improve your facility. Not only do they handle the design and construction, but they also protect your facility with long-term maintenance. Whether it’s a structural repair, building expansion, or a facility upgrade, these experts can help check all the boxes.

Solutions provided:

  • Collaborative office designs
  • Workstation furniture supply
  • Tenant improvement plans
  • Breakroom and bathroom redesigns
  • Building additions and expansions
  • Dirt work for construction sites
  • Building modification upgrades
  • Commercial canopy roofing
  • ADA upgrades
  • Building code structural repairs
  • Fire protection
  • Radon mitigation
  • Security and surveillance
  • Facility efficiency improvements
  • Historic preservation projects
  • Decorative concrete

With Skilled Services as your partner, you have a team experienced in every form of commercial and industrial construction. They help solve the tough problems so you can flourish in a safer, more efficient working environment. And no space is off limits. Whether it’s the lobby of your office building or the master bathroom in a government facility, you can have peace of mind knowing that Skilled Services is hard at work to boost your building with more efficiency.

Accelerate Your Next Renovation Project

There’s no better partnership for facility improvements than that of Skilled Services and Lighting Solutions. When it comes to building efficiency, these two companies know how to optimize your facility better than any other general contracting service. Whether you’re looking for design and building services or an upgrade for your lighting system, you can’t go wrong with this all-star pairing. Our teams are ready to support you with flawless finishes, top-quality craftsmanship, and years of protection, energy efficiency, and cost savings.


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