Why Are LED Lights More Efficient?

LED lighting is changing how people light their homes and businesses. They are more efficient and longer lasting than traditional forms of lighting like incandescent and fluorescent. This is because LED lights use a drastically different method of creating light. To understand how different LED lights are, it’s important to understand how each form of lighting works.

Incandescent bulbs – The oldest form of light bulbs use a coiled tungsten filament that is heated until it glows. This white, hot piece of metal creates light, but it is not an efficient use of energy as 90% of an incandescent light’s energy output is heat.

Fluorescent – Power passes through a ballast which doubles the voltage and emits electrons which heats gas and turns into plasma which creates ultraviolet light. We can’t see UV light so the inside of the bulb is coated with a phosphorus substance that glows in UV light. Only 40% of the energy that fluorescent light uses is given off as heat, but it is still inefficient when compared with LED lighting.

LED – A circuit passes through a driver that causes a semiconductor to emit photons. This is surprisingly a simple process when compared to technology that is much older and more mechanical. Less than 20% of an LED’s energy is lost as heat.

This efficiency translates into some major savings

Incandescent bulbs have an average lifespan of about 1,200 hours which may seem like a long time but with normal use that translates to about a year. Since they create light by generating extreme heat, it’s easy to see how their inefficient use can cost you money in the long run. The equivalent LED bulb will burn for about 25,000 hours. This means it takes 21 incandescent bulbs to do the work of one LED light bulb. At $1 each, that’s three times the amount you spend on one $7 LED fixture.

And that is only the cost of the actual bulb. Since incandescent uses heat to generate light it also uses more electricity to operate. The same 21 incandescent light bulbs burning over the same 25,000 hour period will use six times as much energy as the single LED bulb.

And this is just for a single bulb, imagine if you made the change to LED in 5 or 10 or 50 fixtures. When you add the reduction in your carbon footprint and multiply that by even a few years, the savings can be drastic.

Embrace energy efficiency and cost savings with Lighting Solutions

When you make the switch to LED lighting in your home or business, the benefits are immediate. Lighting Solutions has helped hundreds of customers make the switch to efficient LED lighting. We offer LED solutions for recessed, downlights, high bay, LED signage, and fluorescent tube retrofits. Call us today to see how LED lighting can make your home or business more efficient.