What Types of Commercial Installations Do We Provide?

We provide our clients with multiple commercial lighting options. We perform commercial outdoor lighting installations as well as commercial indoor lighting installations. For example, we provide LED shoebox lights for parking lots and LED flood lights for stadiums. However, we also provide LED recessed lighting and high bay lighting for indoor spaces. If you need fixtures to light large open spaces, we can create those installations. If you need fixtures low to the ground to light footpaths or small spaces, we provide those installations, too. We understand how differently sized fixtures meet different spaces’ lighting needs. We offer a variety of indoor and outdoor LED lighting installations and designs so we can meet as many clients’ needs as possible.

Quality and Customization

At Lighting Solutions, we always take two things into consideration when we are creating our tailored design plans for our clients. First, our technicians always follow the Illuminating Engineering Society of North America’s standards. The Lighting Solutions team understands how important it is to follow these standards and regulations to ensure safety and appropriate illumination. Second, because we want to invest in you as a loyal customer, we keep your values and concerns at the forefront of all LED lighting design and installations. We take your values into account as we design and install your LED lighting system so it fulfills your business mission while meeting your lighting needs. Overall, we customize our design and installation services because we understand that each of our clients is different. Individual lighting needs require individualized design and installation solutions.

Efficiency Is Key

Lighting Solutions has the most efficient products and fixtures in the market today. We only partner with suppliers who are in line with our values and who commit to passing those values on to you. We primarily focus on providing your building the customized, energy-efficient lighting it needs. You can rest assured that when you decide to invest in Lighting Solutions, you won’t regret it! Our top-notch design and installation of custom lighting fixtures combined with our extensive knowledge of layout design have helped us to be one of the Southeast’s premier lighting solutions companies.

What Industries Do We Design and Install LED Lighting For?

We provide LED designs and installations for a range of industries and commercial spaces. For instance, we provide customized LED fixtures for classrooms and educational spaces to boost learning in those spaces. We also design large LED lighting fixtures for commercial and industrial spaces such as warehouses, where workers need lots of light to work effectively. Along with those industries, we create LED lighting for healthcare facilities so doctors can see well and operate properly on patients. Finally, we also provide LED fixtures to the hospitality industry to ensure that hotel guests have the light they need for a comfortable stay. All the designs and installations we create for these industries offer energy-efficient lighting that helps employees do their jobs and keep visitors safe and comfortable.

Design Custom LED Installations With Lighting Solutions

Whether you need LED lighting for a medical office space or an industrial warehouse, you can get the fixtures you need from Lighting Solutions. When you partner with us, we assess your facility’s lighting needs and develop the right designs and installations to meet those needs. We create customized commercial interior and commercial exterior lighting fixtures that provide the right amount of light for each space in and around your facility.

With LED and other technology growing and changing almost every day, you need a partner you can trust will keep up with advancements in indoor and outdoor lighting. Lighting Solutions has the top professional design and LED installation team in our area. We have the knowledge and resources to complete your custom LED lighting projects in ways that improve your facility. Find out more by contacting us today!