Our team of lighting professionals will come directly to your business, assess your current lighting and energy situation, and begin to design a lighting project that is tailored to your specific company. Lighting Solutions’ services are different from other competitors because we guarantee on-time project completion, improved safety, and brightened facilities.

Since we have been in the lighting and energy business for over 20 years, we know that technology is always changing, but we change with it! Lighting Solutions makes it our priority that our staff and professionals are always up to date with the most innovative procedures and products when it comes to energy efficiency and LED technology.

Whether your business is in the commercial, industrial, healthcare, or education industry — we specialize in it all! Our team of professionals go through extensive training to ensure superior service while providing your company with substantial energy cost savings. Since 1995, we have been giving our customers the energy and LED technology they are looking for.

Lighting Solutions is the company you want to partner with if your business is looking for cost savings, energy savings, and LED light installation, Our experience in the energy and lighting industry won’t let you down! Contact us today to learn more about Lighting Solutions or if you have any questions regarding the services we offer.