5 Reasons to Plan an LED Lighting Installation

Large White Commercial Facility With Led Hanging Lights | Lighting Solutions

Looking for quick ways to save money and improve employee performance? The light source might be the issue. Adopting the right type of LED light is an easy way to bring efficiency and peace of mind to your workspace. 

It’s no big secret that appliances suck up most of the energy in commercial settings, but what about their inner components? Lamps, bulbs, and other lighting fixtures are appliances in their own right. What most people don’t understand is how big of an appliance your lighting system actually is. If we were to consolidate the energy use of lighting fixtures, that would account for at least a quarter of your building’s electricity consumption. Fortunately, there is a way to cut that down by more than 80%.

As professional lighting experts, we know the advantages of light-emitting diode (LED) lights better than anyone else. In this blog, we guide you through some of the primary benefits and discuss why it’s important for your company to capitalize on a turnkey installation service. 

The LED Lighting Effect 

Whether it’s interior or exterior lighting, LED technology can bring long-term value to any commercial setting. Here’s a handful of reasons why this needs to be your go-to light source for your commercial setting:

Cost Savings

LED lighting is more energy efficient than any conventional lighting structure. To put things into perspective, some LED light bulbs can produce a higher volume of illumination than a full panel of traditional lights. They produce less heat, burn less energy, and require hardly any maintenance. Over time, this could save your facility tens of thousands of dollars, leaving you with more money for more critical business needs. 

Rebate Opportunities

Imagine a scenario where you get paid to upgrade your lighting. Believe it or not, it’s not a fantasy. Ironically, electricity companies make more when you use less energy. Your energy provides opportunities for utility providers to distribute electricity across a wider grid. This decrease in power demand prevents the need for new power plants, which leaves more responsibility for the electricity companies. That’s why you’ll often run into rebate programs for LED upgrades. These energy efficiency programs promote sustainable lighting across various markets.

Improved Productivity

The financial cushioning is great, but it’s not the only benefit you’ll see. When you transition to LED lighting, don’t be surprised if you see a spike in employee productivity. LEDs reflect natural daylight, which is a natural human body receptor. This bright environment helps create an encouraging atmosphere for the entire staff. Supporting your facility with LED interior lighting is an easy way to prevent workplace accidents, boost mental performance, promote healthier sleep quality, and create more positive morale all around.

Upgrades are Simple 

LED lights are perfect for those who hate saying goodbye. Just because you choose to transition to LED lighting doesn’t mean you have to kick your current equipment to the curb. The process is simple and it only takes a few minutes to perform. Instead of having to buy a brand new fixture, you can just opt for a commercial retrofitting service. This allows you to place your new LEDs directly into the existing fixtures.

Better Lighting Quality

One of the best features of LED lighting is its durability. Unlike traditional light bulbs, LEDs won’t lose life after a few months. They’re built to serve your building with years of top-quality lighting. Most LED bulbs come equipped with an average of 25,000 hours of power, which is 25 times longer than conventional bulbs. That means fewer repairs, fewer trips to the store to pick up light bulbs, and years with a brighter, healthier atmosphere. 

Change Your Landscape of Lighting  

Still unsure about LED technology? It’s normal to feel skeptical, but Lighting Solutions is here to help you secure a brighter future with plenty of long-term savings. We streamline all commercial lighting projects with turnkey solutions and frustration-free services. Whether it’s retrofitting, new fixture installations, or complete power buys for businesses with five or more locations, we’re here to help simplify every aspect of your LED project. As your dedicated partner, you can trust Lighting Solutions to check all the boxes:

  • Project Planning: Sourcing, financing, estimating, coordinating labor and equipment
  • 10-Year Financial Analysis: Payback planning, delay spend management, ROI generation
  • Annual Savings Information: Energy, HVAC, maintenance, rebates (local, state, and federal), and non-utility costs
  • Fixture Support: Repairs, maintenance, and replacements

Contact Lighting Solutions when you’re ready to take advantage of today’s best lighting technology. Reach out today to plan a lighting audit with one of our certified experts!