Healthcare Lighting Trends

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Lighting is essential to healthcare facilities. Not only does it light workspaces and patient areas, but it can be used to speed the recovery and overall health of patients. With LED technology being incorporated into healthcare lighting design, the benefits of using them in a healthcare setting go further than energy efficiency and cheaper operation.

Advanced Healthcare LED Lighting

Doctors and nurses need more than just training and skill; they need the best possible conditions to do their jobs and provide the best possible care. Operating rooms and the ER have sensitive electronics, and traditional lighting might provide interference and prevent these systems from properly working. But most importantly, surgeons and doctors need to be able to see what they are doing to perform surgery or diagnose a patient. Reliable lighting is critical to working efficiently and precisely.

Patients and staff benefit from ideal lighting conditions in different ways. LED lights consume less energy to stay powered and last longer than the alternatives, so healthcare facilities have an energy-saving option with different lighting options. Better lighting increases productivity and attitudes, keeping your staff working happier and more efficiently. Patients have better lighting to improve their mood and reduce any potential harm caused by traditional lighting options. Clearer lighting also helps staff perform their duties with more diligence and precision than standard lighting would offer. Since LED lights can be customized, different rooms can have other options available based on the hospital’s needs. 

UV LED Lights

LEDs generate less heat while operating than incandescent lighting, making it easier to control room temperatures. This is critical in some hospital regions like patient rooms and nurseries where heat from light output can have a significant effect on how it feels in the room. You’re able to control room temperature easier when you use LEDs compared to traditional lights. If you have a light-sensitive patient, you can adjust the room’s lighting conditions to suit their needs. Likewise, if an entire wing of your hospital or office needs to be at a certain lighting condition for the people that work or reside there, you can adjust the lighting to fit their preferences or requirements. LED lighting is customizable, clean, and the most effective lighting on the market. 

UV LED lights are also a safer lighting alternative than standard lights. UV lights provide patients with a safe healing method that acts as a disinfectant. While also used for water and air treatment, UV lighting technology prevents bacteria from spreading or surviving, stopping growth at their core and slowly killing them. If you need a clean, disinfectant environment that will also sterilize the patient, UV LED lights are the ideal solution. 

The Importance of LED Lights in the Healing Process

Studies done on the human circadian rhythm show that lighting sources coincide with the body’s need for bright light levels during the day and lower intensity at night. Doctors use light to mimic the sun’s natural cycle to help patients regulate their bodies and speed up recovery times.

LED lighting is the clear and easy choice in healthcare design as more and more hospitals and medical facilities are incorporating them in new construction or retrofitting existing facilities. It’s not readily apparent how the lighting system translates to better patient experience, but as hospital facilities managers grow more aware of the benefits that LEDs offer, they look like a trend that is here to stay.

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