Lighting as a Service

As companies across the globe look to strategically upgrade their businesses, LED Lighting and Lighting Control Systems are rapidly gaining market share over yesterday’s technologies. These two energy saving solutions have proven to dramatically affect energy costs, providing great benefit to companies who have made the switch. However, a third solution is emerging and is expected to grow at a rate of 16.6% annually through 2026, according to Navigant Research. Lighting as a Service or LaaS, the third-party management of a lighting system, has allowed companies to avoid the high initial costs of upgrading while allowing them to enjoy the benefits of the new technologies including reduced hassle and cost savings.

  • Hassle – Today, facility managers are struggling to remain at the forefront of building maintenance technologies as they rapidly develop new products. By utilizing Lighting as a Service, it is possible to maintain cost-efficient lighting solutions that have shown to reduce energy consumption by 85-90%.
  • Technology – As the Internet of Things continues to expand, Lighting Control Systems are becoming more automated and advanced. These systems, paired with LED lighting, are commonly providing companies with guaranteed cost savings. Lighting as a Service is quickly becoming a solution to initially upgrading as well as staying on pace with the rapidly changing lighting technology industry.
  • Cost – Upfront costs of upgrading to new lighting technologies are a lofty commitment for any company. There are rebates and tax incentives available to help leverage the costs, but often it is still a substantial investment. Lighting as a Service creates a means of avoiding the high capital investment, allowing companies to include the costs in their budget as a service.

Lighting as a Service has become another valuable tool companies can use to reduce their energy usage. With benefits that can be applied to any industry, it will continue to grow in the foreseeable future. In any business setting, is essential to maintain both cost-effectiveness and energy efficiency. Lighting as a Service is the easiest means to ensure that these important factors are covered, keeping your facility smoothly running in the age of technology.

At Lighting Solutions, it is our mission to focus on solutions for customers, helping them save maximum energy and money. For a free energy audit and more information on how Lighting as a Service can benefit your company, please contact us today!