LED Warehouse Lighting: How LEDs Can Improve Your Facility

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Whether you own a warehouse or work at one, you’ve seen for yourself just how massive these facilities are. Because of their enormous size, manufacturing and industrial facilities use large amounts of energy and are expensive to operate. Fortunately, there are ways to reduce your energy costs, and a good place to start is with LED warehouse lighting fixtures.

Benefits of LED Warehousing Lighting Fixtures

Energy-efficient LED lighting is a great solution for various types of facilities, but especially warehouses. Large manufacturing and industrial facilities require large amounts of energy to operate. With conventional lighting fixtures, you may be paying a much higher price than you need to be.

LED lighting solutions are a great alternative for those looking to reduce energy costs. The following are some of the benefits of LED lighting fixtures in warehouse facilities.

Reduced Energy Costs

Perhaps the single most important benefit of LEDs is the energy efficiency they provide. Because LEDs consume less energy than traditional forms of light, they can significantly reduce energy bills. This is a big deal for warehouses because they already consume a lot of energy as is due to their size. LEDs use at least 75% less energy than traditional lighting fixtures; for warehouses, this can result in tremendous savings.

High-Quality Lighting

Manufacturing facilities and other large warehousing facilities can’t afford to work in less than optimal lighting conditions. This could lead to a costly error or imperfections in product production. Bad employees can lead to unsatisfied employees as well, as bad lighting may lead to headaches, eye strain, or fatigue. LEDs offer uniformity and high color rendering, making them the perfect lighting fixtures for industrial warehouse facilities. Under proper illumination, your facility will operate more smoothly and efficiently than ever before.

Safer Work Environment

Brighter facilities are safer facilities. Because LEDs emit a high quality, cool, white light, they create a safer environment for employees. LEDs are easier on the eyes and reduce workplace accidents such as injuries caused by operating heavy machinery or slips and falls. Protect your employees and reduce your medical benefit insurance costs with high-quality LEDs.

Improved Productivity

Natural light is the best type of lighting to keep workers productive. But, when natural lighting isn’t possible, LEDs are the next best alternative. LEDs emit a bright, white natural light that provides an energizing daylight feel. Your employees will experience a similar reaction to what they experience with natural daylight, resulting in higher productivity.

Reduced Maintenance

Warehouses have enough to worry about to ensure they are operating efficiently year-round. Fortunately, LEDs do not require much maintenance at all. LEDs have a life expectancy of 50,000 hours (using 10 hours a day, this means they should last for 13.7 years). With such a long life expectancy, you won’t only experience reduced energy costs, you’ll go years without having to replace your fixtures.

Types of Commercial Warehouse Lighting Fixtures

When it comes time to upgrade your warehouse lighting to LED fixtures, there are a wide range of options available to you. The following are a few of the most popular options for LED warehouse lighting:

  • High bay light fixtures. High bay fixtures are the optimal type of fixture for high ceilings in your facility and are a good option to replace fluorescent light fixtures as well as metal-halide, and other HID light fixtures.
  • Warehouse UFO high bay lights. UFO LED high bays are designed to replace metal halide and high-pressure sodium bulb high bays. They are best for pendant mounting or with a hook and cord inside warehouses.
  • Warehouse LED linear. High Bay LED Lighting can be used in many applications to provide bright efficient lighting at an affordable cost. Linear high bay lights can be mounted with a junction box for surface mounting or hook and chain for suspended mounting.

Upgrade Your Commercial or Industrial Warehouse Lighting and Start Saving

Any commercial lighting fixtures use a significant amount of energy, and warehouse lighting is no exception. Fortunately, with high quality LED fixtures, you can significantly reduce your energy costs and adequately illuminate your facility to improve productivity and workplace safety. Interested in new warehouse lighting for your facility? Lighting Solutions is a turnkey solutions provider that can handle design and installation for you. Contact us to learn more today.