LED Trends in 2019

LED Lighting Trends To Look at in 2019 | Lighting Solutions

The introduction of LED lighting solutions in the marketplace has been a game-changer. LED light fixtures reduce energy consumption, preserve fossil fuel resources and reduce carbon emissions, and make for safer, more productive workplaces. Beyond energy efficiency and the numerous other benefits that LEDs provide, they are also the only type of lighting on the market with the true potential for innovation.

Traditional light bulbs, such as high-intensity discharge lamps (HIDs), have a very small potential, if any, for innovation in the lighting industry because their core technology has already reached maximum capacity. The future of commercial and industrial lighting is going to be ruled by LED. As this advanced form of lighting continues to evolve, more business owners are taking notice. With all of the benefits of energy efficiency and the continuous advancements in optics, color choices, and safety, LEDs are the clear choice for business owners who want a sustainable, efficient, intelligent form of lighting installed in their facilities.

Aside from the obvious trend that LEDs continue to dominate in the marketplace, here are just a few of the LED trends that we’ve seen in 2019.

Intelligent Sensors

Smart sensors are not a new advancement in the lighting industry, but for LEDs, they are becoming more mainstream. Their ability to turn on instantly makes them not just a convenience in the workplace, it can also help reduce energy use even more. If the lights are only turned on when someone enters a room and they turn off when someone leaves the room, they are only in use when necessary. This results in cost savings and maximum energy efficiency.

Energy Efficiency Advancements

As if LEDs weren’t already an extremely energy-efficient form of lighting, they are becoming even more energy efficient over time. The most advanced fixtures are at least 70% more efficient than traditional fixtures. But with advances in design, heat management, and other components of LED fixtures, they are becoming even more energy efficient. Manufacturers are constantly working to try to maximize energy savings by making ballasts more energy efficient. The ease and affordability of these new ballasts will benefit both installers and businesses.

Greater Environmental Impact

Advancements in energy efficiency mean a greater environmental impact each year. As industrial LED lighting fixtures become more prevalent and more efficient, this will dramatically reduce carbon emissions and overall pollution in the environment. Right now, there are more than 144 million industrial lighting fixtures in place at 455,000 industrial facilities in the nation. If every one of those installed LED fixtures, it would cut carbon emissions by 28 million metric tons. The efficiency advancements of LEDs are contributing to a more sustainable future for us all.

Significant Cost Savings

Installing LED fixtures in your facility can result in significant cost savings on your energy bill. That has always been the case, but LED lighting costs have actually decreased by 80% in the last five years. This trend is expected to continue as fixtures become not only more efficient but also less costly to produce.

LEDs Will Become Multipurpose

As the popularity of LEDs grows in various commercial applications, it wouldn’t be surprising to see additional uses of this innovative lighting technology. There are multiple benefits of LEDs for everyone to enjoy, and it won’t be long before new businesses in unique sectors start to see these LED trends in 2019 and jump on the bandwagon.

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