LED Outdoor Landscaping Lighting

Content Image Cobblestone Brick Path | Lighting Solutions

Your landscaping says a lot about your house, and chances are, you’ve put a lot of thought and effort into your landscaping. The path to your front door is nicely paved, the shrubbery in the front is carefully trimmed.  The only thing missing is tasteful, efficient lighting so your neighbors can see it all at night.

This is where LED landscape lighting comes in and illuminates everything. Not only can LED lights make things more efficient and brighter inside, but they are just as beneficial for outdoor lighting uses. LED’s are perfect for patio lights, string lights, wall lights, and they can illuminate a path. They can easily be hard-wired to your electrical system or solar powered. Outdoor LED lighting benefits include:


  • Durability – LED lighting can withstand extreme heat and cold, winds, rain, and hail better than traditional lighting. This is because LED uses plastic instead of glass components.


  • Faster on and off – Path lights or any light fixtures attached to motion sensors work better with LED bulbs because they turn on and off quicker than traditional lighting.



  • Versatility – LED wall lighting is a better choice for decorative lighting as they have the versatility of many designed uses. They can be focused up to provide ambient area light or down to provide targeted light from above. LED bulbs are, on average, much smaller than traditional lighting, they allow for more design possibilities.


  • Longer life – Properly cared for LED lights can last 15-20 years without replacement. Compare this to 1 year for incandescent and 3.5 for fluorescent, and you can see why the investment is worth the cost in the long run. Their efficiency and longevity mean they pay for themselves with the savings you can receive.


LED lighting is becoming more and more accepted for home use as their efficiency and versatility can’t be matched by any other lighting technology. As manufacturers of LED lights are reducing prices, now is the perfect time to upgrade your existing lights or consider installing a new outdoor lighting system.


Call Lighting Solutions today, and we can design the perfect LED lighting solution for you!