Why LED Lighting is Soon to Become the Norm for Indoor and Outdoor Use

A lot of people have already started upgrading their businesses to using LED lighting rather than old, incandescent bulbs or compact fluorescent lighting (CFL). While early adopters of office LED have already seen the benefits in terms of dramatically reduced energy costs, the upfront costs of the bulbs used to make the switch is a fairly big commitment for your whole office and all of your outdoor lights.

LED Bulbs Are Now More Affordable

LEDs are now more affordable thanks to the advances in manufacturing technology processes and market demand for more cost-effective, greener bulbs. LEDs have come down dramatically in price, meaning that switching to LED has become an option for just about everyone. Returns on lighting investments typically occur after 2-3 years. Lighting Solutions is authorized to complete the required paperwork for customers to take full advantage of rebates and federal tax deductions.

LED Has Made Compact Fluorescent Lights Redundant

General Electric recently announced they were going to cease production of CFL lights. CFL lights never really won the hearts of consumers despite saving energy compared to incandescent bulbs. People felt they looked unappealing. Whereas LED offers just about any lighting effect you want.   

LED and the Future

The advantages of LED bulbs apply to just about every workplace in the world. They last for many years, they use 85-90% less electricity while producing a better light than conventional bulbs, and there are many more options to choose from. Lighting Solutions provides you with personalized on-site service and guaranteed on-time completion of projects.

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