Is Your Lighting Out of Date?

Making the change to the outdoor retrofit lighting services from Lighting Solutions will not only lower your energy expenditures but will also give your employees a better lit work environment. Our high-efficiency solutions can run with almost half as much energy as your older systems. We will perform a complete fixture replacement with new lamps, ballasts, and controls. For our warehouse clients, this process usually involves an overhaul of their metal halide fixtures, fluorescent fixtures, and LED exit signs. One of our most popular products is LED retrofit. Retrofit LED lights are one of the most energy efficient options which is why they produce the most savings. Making these improvements will lower your operating costs, give you a brighter and safer environment, and reduce background noises.

We Can Get You Up to Speed!

We know that your business is your top priority which is why Lighting Solutions works alongside your team to create affordable and easily implementable solutions. Our technicians know that downtime for your team is unacceptable; therefore, we will work around your team members with minimal disturbances. We also offer evening, weekend, and holiday hours in order to accommodate our customers. We are proud to offer a variety of LED retrofit products which can fit every budget and that also comply with federal regulations to help our customers receive extra savings. Our team is licensed in Tennessee and many surrounding states where we are authorized to complete the necessary paperwork for our customers to receive rebates and federal tax incentives.

Custom Upgrades

Here at Lighting Solutions, we know that not every business is the same. We start our process by visiting your facility in person to learn more about your current infrastructure and goals. Then we will create a custom solution catered to your needs. Our proposals will show you the value of our products because they will include payback time, ROI, cost, suggested materials, and available rebates or incentives.

The Lighting Solutions team has experience working with a variety of businesses, so you can trust that we will help you make the best decision for your business. Whether you’re just starting to consider a retrofit, or looking for something more specific like retrofit LED, we have the retrofit lighting product your business is looking for! Give us a call today to start your business’ lighting upgrade!