A True Savings Solution

LED bulbs will save your company money through their long life, low energy requirement and environmental impact. Because LED lights generally have lifespans of up to 125,000 hours, your business will see a reduction in spending on replacements. This will also result in less time that your maintenance staff will spend installing the lights which in turn reduces downtime for your employees. The most significant money savings will be achieved through the low energy requirements of these products. Because these solutions can run at significantly higher efficiency, businesses that utilize them will save money on energy bills.

LED Solutions Saves More Than Money

One interesting characteristic of these bulbs is their impact on the environment. The pure white light emitted by these bulbs actually emulates sunlight. The positive effects of this can be seen through increased overall morale, productivity, and mental performance. This light will also provide a safer environment with a reduced risk of accidents and injuries, and they are even available in a variety of colors for safety zone distinctions.

The Extra Step for Your Bottom Line

Here at Lighting Solutions, we take savings a step further with our lighting controls. This technology controls the amount of energy circulating to each unit. By ensuring the proper expenditures, these solutions can prevent over-lighting and therefore lower utility costs. In the same way, under-lighting is an issue to consider; Lighting Solutions ensures your lights are illuminating at their full capacity for overall satisfaction and cost savings.

If you’ve ever asked yourself “do LED lights really save money?” or “how much money do LED lights save?” then you’ve come to the right place! Our team has the education and experience to give you real world examples of the savings your business could receive. Give us a call today to get started!