It Just Makes Sense

Your building’s indoor and outdoor lighting can seem unimportant, but in reality, lighting can greatly affect your business’ energy costs and efficiency. To get an idea of how lighting can do this, consider how many fixtures your company is currently running. Indoor lights can include traditional high bay units as well as emergency exit signs and other colored lights to help designate landmarks. Outdoor lights can include spotlights to highlight your logo, security lighting, and parking lot and garage lighting. We offer LED solutions which can accommodate each of these needs and provide greater illumination.

Proven Benefits With LED Lighting

Using an LED brightness comparison, researchers have proven this lighting can have psychological benefits. Better lighting will lead to increased employee morale. This is because our LED solutions emulate sunlight. These positive effects can be seen through increased productivity and mental performance. Because of this heightened awareness, employees will create fewer safety risks. Thus, these solutions not only benefit the look of your facility but also the feel.

To give you an LED light brightness comparison, we will look at their performance compared to traditional incandescent bulbs. Incandescent bulbs create 14 lumens per watt when using 60 watts to run. LED solutions produce 195 lumens per watt from only 10 watts of power.  Because of the strong beam emitted, companies are able to reduce the number of fixtures they are utilizing. This striking difference proves these bulbs are incredibly cost efficient and will have a positive effect on your environment.

Our Proven Track Record

If you’re looking for a quality solution that will reduce the quantity of fixtures necessary to light your space, while still providing a better-lit environment, we’re here to help! Our team is proud to have a successful track record of providing top quality custom solutions to each customer. Whether you’re curious and want to see a more detailed LED light quality comparison or are ready to start designing your new infrastructure, give us a call today to get started!