LED Lights Reduce Your Carbon Footprint

Our large selection of green LED lights is perfect for those seeking a more efficient infrastructure. These solutions provide a substantial environmental advantage through their ability to run very brightly without using much energy. Our team also provides lighting controls which help mandate the amount of energy that goes into each unit. This helps deter from over and under heating the units and ultimately prevents energy waste. Business owners will enjoy the way this drives down their energy costs and produces predictable bills. They will also rest easy knowing less coal had to be burned to power their operation, and they didn’t sacrifice any brightness.

And So Much More

Eco-friendly lightbulbs will also benefit your business with their long life expectancy. Some LED lightbulbs boast lifespans of up to 125,000 hours. This factor benefits business owners because it reduces the need for replacements. Not only can maintenance and replacements cause disruption in your workforce, it can be costly. These solutions reduce the amount of time and money your staff spends on maintenance.

Once the bulbs do reach the end of their lifespan, they are easier to recycle. Older bulbs which contain mercury require a scheduled pick up in order to be disposed of. Not only will our LED bulbs be able to be recycled, but they will also prevent further toxic waste from polluting the environment.

We Are Your Eco-Friendly Team

Here at Lighting Solutions, our team has the industry knowledge to provide up-to-date and innovative solutions for our clients. Whether you want to know more about the benefits of these fixtures or are ready to start designing your eco-friendly environment, give us a call! Our team looks forward to giving you a better environment!