Use Less Energy

One of the biggest reductions your company will see when installing LED bulbs is the amount of energy use. These bulbs provide stronger lights than other products while using much less energy. We even offer lighting control products which are great for managing the amount of energy these units are given. These controls prevent over and under heating the units which contribute to the reduction of energy resulting in lower energy bills.

Use Fewer Lightbulbs

Waste will also be reduced due to the lower amount of bulbs needed. Because these bulbs produce such a bright light, fewer units are needed to cover the area. They also have a much longer lifespan which means there will be less waste from the disposing of the bulbs. These bulbs are able to be disposed of easier because they don’t contain mercury like other products and therefore can be recycled. This is a great asset to businesses because it reduces toxic waste. Once the bulbs are in need of replacement, these materials are easier to produce. This furthers the positive effect on the environment.

Improve Workforce Efficiency

Not only do these solutions reduce physical waste, they also help to reduce wasted employee time. Employees who can see better will make fewer mistakes which will reduce the number of wasted products and supplies. Some studies even show that blue tinted LED lights make workers more efficient and accurate, as it causes less melatonin to be produced. This will also reduce the number of accidents your workforce is involved in which ultimately prevents downtime.

Experts In Improving Your Environment

Our team is very experienced in working with companies who are trying to leverage their lighting systems to better their business and community’s environment. We have the training and education to show you the differences and benefits of each of our solutions. We’re sure your business will benefit from our variety of LED lighting fixtures and our retrofitting services. Give us a call today to get started!