Our team knows that light repairs and replacements can be a hassle for businesses. Our main goal is to reduce the amount of downtime our partners experience. Not only do we offer evening and weekend hour installations, but we also offer products that have exceptionally long lifespans, such as LED lights. These lifespans mean the bulbs will require less frequent replacements, resulting in less time spent on ladders and less money invested in new bulbs.

One of the reasons LED lights have such a long lifespan is that they’re incredibly efficient. According to the US Department of Energy, these bulbs use at least 75% less energy than incandescent options, giving them a 25x longer lifespan. These savings can provide a more predictable and stable lighting bill and also a more environmentally friendly space. The environmental impact is also lessened because the bulbs are non-toxic and can be recycled, unlike other solutions.

The superior performance of these solutions is one of the biggest benefits to our customers. These units have less stringent design requirements and can be produced in more shapes, sizes, and colors than others. They can also be utilized in both indoor and outdoor settings. Another big difference our customers appreciate is the ability to turn LED bulbs on and off frequently without a warm up period. This makes it easier to combine with motion-sensors and other customized settings.


If you want to learn more about LED pros and cons, our team has the experience and training to show you which fixtures will best fit your needs and budget. We have installed and maintained these units in multiple business and home settings, and we are well-versed in each product’s special features. We’re sure you will see the LED light benefits, and given our large selection, you will find the perfect fixtures to enhance your environment. Contact us today to get started!