Cree Products

We have personally seen the success of our Cree products which is why we recommend them for down lights and troffers. This company prides itself on being an innovative LED light manufacturer and strives to develop the most successful and advanced products. Because of this drive, Cree has gained a reputation for efficiency and longevity.

Customers enjoy that these products have varying tones that very closely resemble natural lights. By providing warm and cool lighting, customers can customize their environment. No matter which tones they choose, the fixtures have a proprietary design which blends seamlessly with the architecture and creates consistency throughout the space.

These products are designed to last 100,000 hours which will reduce maintenance spending as well as waste from burnt out bulbs. When the bulbs expire, they are able to be recycled. Because of this superior performance, Cree offers a 10-year warranty.

Orion Products

Our team at Lighting Solutions is proud to provide our customers with Orion products they can trust to perform and endure. Over the past 40 years, this company has developed a reputation as a successful LED lighting manufacturer providing superior products and customer service. This success is shown through their superior performance, diverse selection, and affordability.

We are proud to offer these American made products because they provide multiple benefits to customers. These fixtures are packaged in recyclable materials, making them more environmentally friendly. The installation is also beneficial because each fixture is tested before shipment, and the plug and play design drives down the time required. Also, the packaging is designed to reduce the amount of debris left behind.

The biggest benefit to customers is the performance of these products. This patented, high-performance design produces more lumens per watt than the competition, and the volumetric lighting doesn’t create hotspots or shadows. The efficient performance reduces energy expenditures and increases the lifespan of these fixtures which brings further savings through reduced maintenance requirements. This company is so confident in their products that they are willing to pay for differences between predicted and achieved energy savings.

Lighting Solutions’ Guarantee

Both of these LED lighting manufacturers have a reputation for producing superior products that are both efficient and long lasting. We are proud to have strong partnerships with these industry leading LED suppliers in order to give our customers a larger variety of products. Call Lighting Solutions today to learn more about which products we recommend for your business!