Why should I consider a lighting retrofit?

Older fixtures may be “energy hogs,” often depreciating up to 70% of their designed lighting output and using double the energy of a new, high-efficiency system. Our systems have a maximum light depreciation of 10% in their rated lamp life. In most cases, the rated lamp life is double that of the older systems.

What is a lighting retrofit?

Lighting Solutions will exchange older, less-advanced lighting technology with new energy-saving fixtures, lamps, ballasts, and controls. This usually includes replacing metal halide fixtures in production and warehouse areas with new LED fixtures and LED exit signs. In offices, we replace existing fluorescent fixtures with more efficient lamps and ballasts and install occupancy and daylight controls.

What return can I expect on my lighting investment?

Returns on lighting investments are typically 2-3 years, although a 24/7 facility may see a payback more quickly, depending on actual burn hours.

Will retrofitting interrupt my operations?

No. Our technicians are trained to work around employees with minimal disturbances.  We can also schedule your retrofit for evenings, weekends or holidays.

Can you help me receive rebates and federal tax incentives?

Yes. We are authorized to complete the required paperwork for customers to take full advantage of rebates and federal tax deductions.

How do you determine the cost of my investment?

We determine the cost of your investment through 5 stages of analysis, audit, energy calculation, cash flow analysis and guarantee.