Custom Designed For Your Space

One of the most popular options we provide for these facilities is industrial LED lighting. LED bulbs are a great fit for industrial clients because they have a strong beam that covers more area than halogen light bulbs, resulting in a need for less fixtures. This strong beam also contributes to a safer environment and improved workplace productivity as it emits more light to the area it is covering. LED fixtures also require less maintenance because of their long lifespan. This is especially important for our industrial clients because it means less time on a ladder and less money on new bulbs. The savings don’t stop there! These solutions also reduce the amount of energy expenditure your lighting produces. LED warehouse lighting runs more efficiently, therefore, it is more cost effective. This product is our most recommended solution, so we’d love to show you how your facility could benefit from its use.

Need More Options?

Our team has experience in working with a variety of clients and has a successful track record in all industries. If you’re looking for a custom solution, we’d love to work with you to discuss your options. In order to accommodate the specific needs of warehouses, we offer a variety of exit and emergency signs, flood lights, and non-LED solutions to ensure we have all the tools to find the best solution for your facility. Other common industrial solutions involve multi-colored lighting which can help employees find landmarks within your building more easily and can communicate when areas are safe or dangerous to enter. High bay warehouse lighting can be a great cost-saving option and is a great fit for facilities with high ceilings and large spaces to light. If you’re looking for a more specific solution, our team would be happy to help.

We Transform Spaces

If you are looking for a better solution for your industrial facility’s high operating costs and dimly lit interior, our team is here to help! Our team is trained and experienced in providing innovative ideas and services which help our partners succeed while meeting their budget and their efficiency needs. Our warehouse LED lighting solutions are very popular and we also offer a variety of other solutions. Give Lighting Solutions a call today to get started on your lighting transformation!