Healthcare facilities provide integral support to our communities 24 hours a day. Regardless of weather conditions or time of day, providers need effective lighting systems to examine patients and provide life-saving aid. Lighting Solutions offers customized support to fit the unique needs of our healthcare clients.

The Importance of Proper Lighting for Healthcare Facilities

Lighting is a critical component of healthcare facilities. Doctors and nurses need clear, bright lighting when examining patients, performing procedures in the operating room, and distributing medication. Light has a significant impact on performance, stress, and mood; improper lighting can diminish alertness and lead to fatigue, especially during long shifts.

In hospitals, private practices, and long-term care facilities, patients are the top priority. Healthcare providers strive to keep their patients comfortable and calm throughout their stay, and they need proper lighting to do so. Optimized commercial lighting technologies reduce stress and support healing among patients. Tunable white light LED technology is becoming more popular in healthcare settings because it mimics natural light and doesn’t interfere with patients’ circadian rhythms.

If your healthcare facility operates in a large commercial building, you probably spend a significant portion of your budget on energy costs. Older buildings often have outdated fixtures that reduce the operational efficiency of your facility. By retrofitting your lighting system, you can save money on energy and put your savings towards improving patients’ safety and security.

You can save money, enhance patient experiences, and improve healing outcomes by partnering with Lighting Solutions for quality LED lighting.

Why Choose LED Lighting for Healthcare Settings?

Traditional lighting systems such as incandescent bulbs are inefficient and difficult to maintain. In contrast, LED technology is energy efficient, lasts for long periods of time, and emits less heat than incandescent lighting, making it an ideal option for healthcare spaces. LED lights are customizable; you can dim them at night and make them bright in areas where frontline workers need to be alert. Plus, patients with different lighting needs can adjust the LEDs in their rooms for optimal comfort.

There are countless benefits of using LED lighting in healthcare facilities, including:

  • Cost savings: You can save money on operating costs by updating your old lighting system with LEDs.
  • Energy efficiency: LEDs are a sustainable, environmentally friendly light source, and they last far longer than traditional lighting options.
  • Temperature control: Unlike incandescent bulbs, LEDs won’t affect room temperature in brightly lit spaces.
  • Disinfectant properties: UV LED lights kill bacteria and act as disinfectants. If you need to maintain a sterile space, your lighting system can help.
  • Color control: LED color rendering allows you to mimic sunlight or create colorful spaces.
  • Brightness: Bright lights are necessary in operating rooms, and LEDs are brighter than other bulb options.

Most standard lighting systems can’t address the complex needs of your healthcare facility. The right lighting makes a significant impact on employees and patients, so healthcare providers need personalized lighting solutions developed with their needs in mind. Our LED experts at Lighting Solutions offer customized LED lighting for various types of healthcare facilities.

Healthcare LED Lighting Applications

In large healthcare facilities, you may need dozens of different lighting sources for different wings, rooms, and purposes. Frontline employees need more brightness and clarity in an operating room than in a nursery. Your lighting system also needs to fit the needs of your patients and facilitate healing. Luckily, there are countless LED light bulb options that work in almost every healthcare setting.

At Lighting Solutions, we come up with tailor-made solutions for our healthcare clients. We provide adjustable ambient LED lights for patient rooms, crisp surgical LED lights for emergency settings, and everything in between. Our LED lighting systems work well for many purposes, including:

  • Entrance and exit sign lights
  • Medical device lights
  • Surgical lights
  • Ceiling mount lights
  • Floor stand lights
  • Rail-mounted lights
  • Table-mounted lights
  • Wall-mounted lights

We understand that no two healthcare facilities are exactly alike, which is why we work with each client to determine their lighting goals and come up with innovative solutions.

Commercial Lighting Solutions Made Simple

Finding the right lighting solutions for your healthcare setting can be a challenge. Our Lighting Solutions team is here to help find the right LED lighting system for your budget and goals. We prioritize energy efficiency and lowered operating costs so you can allocate more money towards patient care instead of electricity.

In healthcare, every second counts. During an emergency, you can’t afford to waste time trying to fix inefficient lighting. With modern LED lighting systems from Lighting Solutions, medical providers can spend less time on maintenance and more time treating patients. Our training program prevents further disruption by showing your staff how to use our lighting resources properly.

Contact us today to schedule a free lighting assessment and get started on overhauling your healthcare lighting system.