Classroom Lighting Matters

Classroom lighting research has proven that LED fixtures improve the productivity of students because they emulate natural light which helps with both concentration and comfort. LED lighting reduces the flicker that old systems produce, resulting in reduced eyestrain of your students. School administration will enjoy the benefits of these products given student satisfaction and energy savings. Not only to these LED solutions require less energy to operate, but they also have a significantly longer lifespan which reduces the costs associated with their replacement.

Our team is proud to offer LED lighting for classrooms as well as other lighting solutions which include smart technology and lighting controls. These controls can help your school operate more efficiently because they connect each lighting fixture to one control point. This provides a reliable record of energy expenditures and a more easily controlled environment. We are also proud to be able to help our customers enjoy rebates and government incentives on our products and services. Our staff has the training necessary to help customers in Tennessee and the surrounding states complete the required paperwork to receive these benefits.

The Smart Choice

At Lighting Solutions, we know that lighting is not always the top priority of a business, but we would be happy to demonstrate the benefits you will encounter from creating a more enjoyable learning environment for your students. Whether you have your own classroom lighting ideas or want to get recommendations from our experienced and educated team, we’re here to help. We have worked with a variety of businesses in the local area and have seen a great deal of success and ROI with our educational clients. We would love to show you how our solutions help improve your business’ operating expenditures as well as your students’ experiences. Contact Lighting Solutions today to learn more!