LED Lighting Applications for Your Business

Choosing LED lighting for your business offers many advantages when compared to traditional competitors. Commercial LED lighting solutions can appeal to customers and have a huge impact on your bottom line. Advantages to choosing LED lights for your business’ lighting environment include:


  • Energy Efficiency
  • Money Savings
  • Better Quality Light
  • Longer Life
  • Environmentally Friendly
  • Customizable
  • Productivity
  • Eliminating Waste


You may already have your mind made up about choosing LED. But, how do you go about choosing the right LED lighting application to best fit your business needs? Depending on the industry and type of business, different lighting solutions will better meet your specific needs.


Edu | Lighting Solutions

Lighting is extremely important in classrooms so that students and teachers have a proper place to teach and learn. Proper lighting in an educational facility can help your institution improve its environment and operations. Why LED lighting has proven effective in educational facilities:


  • Productivity in Students―LED fixtures are great for improving productivity in students because they emulate natural light which helps with both concentration and comfort.
  • Energy Savings―school administration will enjoy the benefits of these products given energy savings and reduced costs on energy bills.
  • Efficiency―We offer solutions to allow you to connect all your lighting fixtures to one control point. This helps you operate more efficiently and reduces energy expenditures.


Hos | Lighting Solutions

LED lighting has a long lifespan than other options, making this fixture a popular choice for hotels, restaurants, and other hospitality companies. Less frequent replacement means less disruption for valued customers. Reasons hospitality businesses choose LED lighting include:


  • Customer Satisfaction―Hospitality is all about pleasing the customer. Companies like to use LED lighting to cater to guests who are environmentally conscious. LED lighting also gives a great look and a comfortable feel to a restaurant or hotel environment.
  • Energy Savings―Again, LED lighting solutions will cut down your bottom line and save you money on energy bills, allowing you to spend your money elsewhere on things that will make customers happy.

Commercial & Industrial

Com | Lighting Solutions

When it comes to office buildings, warehouses, and other industrial facilities, there a variety of LED light fixtures to choose from. LED office lighting solutions differ from what would be best for a warehouse.

Best Office Lighting Solutions

Customers who utilize Lighting Solution’s Retrofit Indoor lighting solutions systems report increased productivity and staff comfort. Not only do these systems increase productivity, they oftentimes don’t use as much energy as older fixtures.

Warehouse & Industrial Facilities

Industrial facilities often have big areas, high ceilings, and specific requirements. Lighting Solutions offers a variety of warehouse light solutions that can help industrial companies drive down their operating costs and improve their overall environment. High Bay Indoor lighting is perfect for a large area. High bay fixtures the best of both worlds: effective and efficient. The natural light emulated leads to higher employee productivity and less eye strain.


Hea | Lighting Solutions

Healthcare facilities are large in size and it is essential that they have good lighting to function properly and succeed. LED lighting solutions for healthcare facilities give patients and doctors better visions while increasing efficiency and driving down operating costs. Some of the big reasons why LED lighting is so important and effective in healthcare facilities include the following:


  • Comfortable Environment for Doctors and Patients―the bright, natural light produced by LED lights is necessary for seeing different medications, equipment, and observing patients. The lighting benefits patients as well, stimulating a comfortable environment with little noise and flickering.
  • Cost Savings―Because hospitals are very big, these facilities are likely going to want to save every penny that they can on energy costs. With LED lighting, this is possible.


With several LED lighting solutions for different types of industries, it’s no wonder why so many businesses are turning to this energy efficient lighting solution for their business. At Lighting Solutions, we have a proven track record of safe and simple installations. We not only take pride in our high-quality products but our customer service as well. For every project, we start by first visiting your facility, then we answer your questions, and we present a proposal before we begin installing your new lighting. To learn more about our lighting systems and which option would be best for you, contact Lighting Solutions today.