Going Green with Smart Street Lighting

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Why is it a good idea to replace city’s outdoor lights with more efficient lamps featuring LED bulbs? There are many reasons as to why you should replace your lights, including more control, energy efficiency, cost savings, etc. Here we have created a few examples on why you should consider going green with smart street lighting.

Optimizing Street Lighting

Going green with smart street lighting is about optimizing what people see. It’s the visible improvement provided by more efficient lighting. Smart street lighting provides crisp, clean light that is a clear sign to residents, businesses and visitors the city is transforming.

Controlling Light

Remote outdoor light management offers an additional opportunity for cities to gain new efficiencies.

Enabling New Smart City Services

Smart poles can also provide the foundation for smart city services. Along with energy efficient LED lights, smart poles house the wireless communications equipment needed for smart city applications, such as smart parking, smart metering, and smart transportation management.

Becoming a Visible Example

Cities that include LED-equipped smart poles are part of a complete outdoor and indoor lighting solution can achieve their green objectives far faster than cities that look at each part of lighting infrastructure separately.

Going Green with Smart Wireless Infrastructure

Smart poles are designed to take advantage of existing street light locations and power feeds, while utilizing these core resources for telecom as well.

Here at Lighting Solutions, we understand that outdoor space is just as important to light as indoor space. Outdoor lighting can help your business stand out to potential customers, offer more security, and provide a better overall environment for your employees. We offer a variety of outdoor LED lighting solutions which will not only please your customers and employees, but also save you money on operating costs. Contact us today to learn more!