See How Flexible LED Strips Will Impact the Lighting Industry !

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If you’ve read through any of our pages or blogs, you are well aware of the benefits that LED lighting will bring to your business. This technology creates an environment that is better lit while driving down energy costs. Flexible LED strips are a newer version of this technology and they come with their own set of benefits. These lights are customizable, as they can be created in various colors and are dimmable. Additionally, they are flexible enough to fit on many surfaces and they can be cut to the desired length. These lights are sure to make an impact on the interiors and exteriors of a variety of businesses.

These are great for use within stairwells as well as to accent prominent technology displays, important areas, and storefronts. Although they are very similar to LED bulbs, strip lights have many unique qualities. For instance, there are four different types of strip lights.

  • DC Flex: waterproof and comes with a 3M adhesive backing.
  • AC Flex: must be plugged into the wall for use.
  • Rope Light: a typical rope light which is encased and omni-directional.
  • High Power Strips: High powered strips with strong adhesive strips.

One of the other major differences between traditional and strip LED lights is that the strip version is measured in lumens/foot rather than lumens/watt. This means customers must have an idea of the amount of length and light they are seeking before choosing on a strip if they want to achieve a certain lumen amount. As long as you have the LED strip lights and power supply, you can create a lighting system in whichever design you’d like. Before making a final purchase, it is important to consider how you plan to install these strips. Rather than a traditional LED light bulb, which can be added to existing or newly remodeled fixtures, these strips can be installed in a large variety of applications.

Many businesses will find that this type of technology is more affordable and customizable than traditional LED lighting. With such small bulbs, these are sure to provide more architectural appeal. However, for larger commercial spaces, high bay lighting and other fixtures provide more coverage and controllability. Stay tuned to our blog to find out more about LED technology, industry highlights, and company achievements.