Our Favorite LED Smart Home Products

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With the internet of things industry growing every day, homes everywhere are implementing new smart devices to help with things such as cleaning, communication, and customization. There are many smart LED lights that are able to be controlled via Bluetooth or voice commands and there are also smart devices that utilize LEDs for another purpose. This week’s blog examines the different roles LED lights can play within the smart home industry.

Smart Vacuums

Families all over are enjoying these devices that vacuum carpeted floors and clean hard floors on command. They can learn your home’s patterns and adhere to a schedule or be controlled by a smart phone. Some robotic vacuums even empty their own trash when it’s full! Our favorite vacuums have an LED screen that allows users to choose the color and brightness level, in order for the device to be seen better during night or evening cleaning.

Smart Speakers

No matter whether you are listening to Mozart or Led Zeppelin, you will enjoy utilizing a smart speaker. These devices are able to be connected to a music streaming device via Bluetooth and boast a powerful sound and convenient size. Many of these smart devices utilize LED lighting and some have larger LED displays that visualize the music’s melody and beats. Recently, companies gave been releasing LED bulbs that have speaker capabilities. It is too soon to see if these will become the trend, but the idea of dual purpose light bulbs is promising.

Smart Thermostats

A smart thermostat has the power to learn and predict your home’s temperature behavior or be controlled via a smart phone app. These devices will ensure your home remains at the correct temperature and will alert you of any sudden changes in temperature or problems within the HVAC units. Many of these devices boast an LED display, which can be customized to show different colors, images, or data. Customers enjoy these devices’ power to optimize their environment.

Smart Security

No more fumbling around with your keys: smart locks give you control of your home’s entries and exists from the convenience of your smart phone. Users will be able to designate approved users and set the door’s lock setting without being present. Many smart locks utilize LED lighting on their face in order to signal users to whether the lock is activated or not.

We are thrilled to see so many “smart” devices utilizing our smart technology. Utilizing each of these LED enhanced features will help create a more customized and easily controlled environment. Our team members would love to tell you more about our experience with these devices or our other innovative ways to use these products. Contact us today to learn more!