Energy Savings With LED Lighting

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Incandescent vs. fluorescent vs. LED—The choice is clear

Maximize Energy Savings With LED Lighting

LED lighting is reducing costs for businesses everywhere. But even though the price of LEDs is dropping, the advancements in quality continue to skyrocket. It’s never been a better time to retrofit your business with LED.

Lighting is vital to every aspect of your business, because without it, your team can’t perform tasks safely. Whether it’s an interior or exterior fixture, your lighting system displays your products and provides comfortable illumination for your entire property. 

But not every aspect of lighting is pleasant, especially if you’re working with conventional fluorescent technology. Not only are these lighting elements obsolete, but they also increase your energy bills. Fortunately, LED technology can help combat the issue with safer, more efficient lighting, preventing your energy costs from denting your balance sheet. 

Here’s everything you need to know about today’s most popular light source:

How Efficient Is LED Lighting?

Traditional lighting sources such as incandescent and fluorescent bulbs may be able to provide the illumination your business needs, but they do so very inefficiently. LED bulbs contain a powerful diode light, which conserves more energy than conventional lamps. On average, a typical LED system uses 75% less energy than any traditional lighting system, and that’s more than just a statistic. In fact, ENERGY STAR requires this level of efficiency for all LED certifications.   

LED Technology Sucks Less Energy

Less energy also means less heat. Incandescent and CFL bulbs release 80 percent of their energy as heat, which is excellent if heat is what you need, but it doesn’t make sense when you just want the system to fill a space with light. Just imagine the savings if LED systems replaced even half the fixtures in your office or parking lot. As a rule of thumb, remember that less is more. The less energy you waste means less energy used, which converts to lower operating costs. This translates to more energy and cost savings for longer periods of time.

LED Lights Last Longer

If you’re looking for an excellent return on investment, LED can be the solution you need. Many incandescent systems cost a fraction of LED technology upfront, but the savings add up over time. That incandescent bulb might cost less than a dollar, but it will only give you a year of service. LEDs, on the other hand, can last 25 years or longer depending on the conditions. And LED lights are more durable, as the technology can withstand extreme weather and temperatures. What this means is you can install a LED bulb and essentially forget about it for a decade or more. And if you have to install new lights in areas that are harder to reach, an LED is the ideal option. This saves you the trouble of extra labor because it buys you more time with your investment. 

LED Bulbs Are Safer to Discard

The typical LED bulb is safe for recycling because its nontoxic plastic contains no harmful chemicals. When an LED light has reached the end of its lifecycle, feel free to toss it in the recycling bin. CFL lighting, on the other hand, contains mercury, a substance known to leach into landfills and pollute groundwater. This kind of pollution has serious implications for wildlife, various industries, and humanity as a whole. Too much mercury exposure can cause harm to the brain, heart, kidneys, lungs, and immune system. So while CFL lights may be more efficient than incandescents, they are also more dangerous. 

Lighting Solutions Helps Clients Switch to LED

Now is the time to invest in your future, and installing a more efficient lighting solution is a great place to start. With LED, it’s easier to maintain energy and peace of mind knowing you’re saving your business money for years to come. When you’re ready to explore the many cost-saving benefits of LED lighting, Lighting Solutions will be prepared with a solution that meets your needs. Call us today to get started with your lighting and energy audit.