Custom LED Lighting Solutions

Custom LED Lighting Solutions | Lighting Solutions

Different businesses require different lighting solutions based on a variety of circumstances, such as setting, space, energy needs, budget, and more. Commercial buildings need a lighting design that caters to improved productivity and cost-effective solutions. When you need custom LED lighting solutions that are based around your specific needs, you need Lighting Solutions.

Custom Lighting Solutions

Our most popular specialty products are LED lights. LED lighting is a smart lighting technology that can be dimmed without losing its value. These energy-saving lighting products work for any size project, room, or building. LED bulbs allow a reduction of lumens without any significant shift in the bulbs’ color or effectiveness. Compared to other bulbs that have a red hue when dimmed, the LED bulbs keep their tone regardless of the level of dimness. 

Whether you need lighting in a manufacturing facility or specialty high bay lighting services, we have the solutions to keep your business well lit. With indoor and outdoor LED lighting, full control systems for the lights, lower maintenance, energy efficiency, and more, you’re missing out by not switching over to LED. We handle projects of any size, carefully scaling our services to fit your needs. 

We also provide installation services. After going over the details and mapping out the requirements of your facility, our team expertly installs the lighting fixtures and ensures everything is set up correctly. If you ever need help with repairs or larger projects, don’t hesitate to reach out. Our team is prepared for anything, with extensive experience regarding lighting systems of all shapes and sizes. Step into the future of lighting with Lighting Solutions

Commercial Lighting Solutions

Our team has many years of experience in providing successful custom lighting solutions that utilize quality products. Many businesses seek custom solutions that help them designate zones or landmarks within larger facilities using different lighting colors. This helps employees know their location and designated safety zones. We have created choral and stage lighting in high schools among other unique and specialized products. These projects have helped our team learn how to adapt and innovate, and we have used that knowledge to grow further and educate our team.

We have experience working with the following industries/types of companies installing custom-designed lighting systems:

Automated Lighting Systems

We only use the highest quality products and only partner with suppliers who share our values on quality products. When working with Lighting Solutions, you can rest assured that the LED light fixtures in your facility are top quality and will withstand the test of time. 

Another specialty feature custom commercial LED lights offer is that they have color-changing properties, which allows for further customization. This change can help create different environments you may need with the lights’ red to blue range. With our lighting control options, our team at Lighting Solutions can accommodate any facility’s unique needs. Our lighting systems can be automated, helping you maintain energy efficiency over conventional lighting services and providing a lighting solution with overall reduced maintenance needs. 

Industrial Lighting Solutions

If you want to learn more about the special projects we’ve completed, one of our team members will be glad to show you our products and customer testimonials. We can work alongside you and use our diverse experience to create a solution that will fit your needs and budget. Make your business stand out by designing a custom solution with Lighting Solutions! We will keep you informed of every step and involved in every decision to create a product we know will bring you the most benefits. From commercial to industrial solutions, we have it all. If you need a walkthrough of the benefits of LED lighting, we have all the resources necessary.  

If you’re interested in getting started now, we would be honored to help you create the custom lighting your business needs. Every customer is unique, so we provide lighting solutions that are tailored to your space. Ready to get started on your next custom lighting design? Contact Lighting Solutions today.