LED Is The Brighter Choice

As an environmentally friendly company, we strive to provide products that produce the least environmental harm and run the most efficiently. While fluorescent lighting and CFLs are more efficient than many other options, they don’t compare to the performance of LED bulbs. LED bulbs require significantly less energy to run and can out-perform solutions that utilize more energy. They produce more lumens per watt than fixtures that require more power. This reduction in expenditure helps drive down operating costs and provides a more stable budget.

LED Lighting Makes The Difference

The comparison between LED vs fluorescent bulbs reveals that LED solutions also out-perform their competition. While technology is helping to minimize these effects, fluorescent bulbs do require a small warm-up time when turned on and cooling time when turned off. This is a stark difference from LED bulbs which can be easily turned on and off. During their lifespan, the two solutions have different maintenance requirements. Most businesses prefer the zero-maintenance style of LED bulbs over fluorescent bulbs; fluorescent bulbs require on-going maintenance and frequent replacements due to their shorter lifespans. These lighting solutions also behave differently when they reach the end of their lifespans. At this point, LED bulbs will continually dim over time until they finally die. In contrast, fluorescent lighting bulbs will turn on and off randomly and flicker until their expiration.

Your choice of lighting will heavily affect your company’s environmental impact as well as your energy bill. When comparing CFL vs LED, it is important to realize that CFL and other similar products contain mercury which makes them hard to dispose of. Products that contain mercury require special pick up and disposal methods.

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