Brighten Up Your Work Place With LED Office Lighting

Discover how your company’s lighting impacts not only your employees’ productivity, but also your energy bill. 


A Simple Solution for Poor Lighting 


Light and productivity go hand in hand. Research shows that light increases cognitive performance, including reaction time and activation. In order to encourage high functionality from your employees, you can start with upgrading your commercial office lighting system. 


Renovating your commercial office lighting solutions can help boost productivity and keep employees alert and energized to power through the day. Cooler white and blue lights are great for working, staying awake, and concentrating. Therefore, the best office lighting solutions use LED lights, which are gaining popularity for more reasons than one. 


Advantages of LED Lighting Solutions


For starters, LED lighting contributes to lower electricity costs and becoming more environmentally-friendly. Thanks to its extended lifetime, which is 25 times longer than traditional lights, you save on your monthly bill when you make the switch. LED lighting is especially recommended for companies who are aiming to go “green” and minimize their carbon footprint.   


Unlike traditional lights, LED lighting won’t burn out and temporarily leave you and your employees in the dark at the most inconvenient time. Instead, when LED lights are finally reaching the end of their long lifespan, they dim down, giving you the chance to change your lights before they fade out completely. Regardless, with its extended lifetime, LED lighting is low maintenance and doesn’t need to be replaced nearly as often as regular lights. 


The Benefits of Indoor LED Retrofit Lighting


Proper indoor lighting is essential to your company’s morale. Indoor LED lighting is proven to increase employees’ comfort and productivity. Evenly illuminate your facility while reducing lighting and HVAC costs. LED retrofit lighting is a system that involves using your existing commercial lighting fixtures. Retrofit lighting uses LED technology to replace any lighting fixture that’s already installed.   


Outdated commercial office lighting fixtures are notorious for being “energy hogs,” as they cause your electricity bill to rise out of control. Old lighting fixtures use double the amount of energy of a high-efficiency system. Imagine the other ways you can invest in your business with the extra money you save, just by making the switch to LED lights. 


The Benefits of High Bay Indoor LED Lighting 


Best used for large work areas with tall ceilings, this commercial lighting solution helps your employees prevent eye strain. A High Bay LED lighting solution emulates natural light, making it easier to see your work and your surroundings. Also, these lights are made even more efficient when you choose the motion or occupancy sensors, so they’re only activated when necessary. 


Look Forward to a Brighter Day With Lighting Solutions 


At Lighting Solutions, we pride ourselves on following the standards of Illuminating Engineering Society of North America (IES). Following the code of IES ensures our clients’ safety and proper lighting protocol. We offer superior commercial office lighting in Knoxville and surrounding cities all around Tennessee. Choose from overhead office lighting, downlights, and much more. Come over to the bright side with Lighting Solutions.