Hotel LED Lights: Benefits of LEDs in Hotels

Hotel LED Lights: Benefits of LEDs in Hotels | Lighting Solutions

LEDs are becoming a popular lighting choice for all types of businesses. Big-box retailers, warehouses, office spaces, hospitals, and various other facilities and industries are starting to realize how advantageous LEDs truly are when compared to traditional lighting. LEDs have even become a popular choice for outdoor lighting in applications including parking lots and outdoor signage.

LEDs provide many benefits, including energy efficiency, customization, and improved mood for employees and/or customers. For the hospitality industry, all of these benefits are crucial. Just as hospitality is all about the customer, hospitality lighting should be all about improving the customer experience.

This article takes a look at why LEDs are taking the lead as the most popular lighting fixtures for hotels.

Why Energy Efficiency in Hotels Is Important

LED lights reduce energy usage and save money on electric bills. In fact, compared with traditional incandescent light bulbs, Energy Star-qualified LEDs use only 20% to 25% of the energy and last 15 to 25 times longer than traditional incandescent light bulbs. Every business wants to save money, but why is this especially important for hotels?

  • Free Up Staff. Traditional forms of lighting don’t last as long. When the lights go out, staff either has to fix them or call someone who can. This takes time away from your staff’s other responsibilities when they could be attending to guests and making their hotel experience better.
  • Cost Savings. LEDs save companies of all sizes money on their monthly energy costs. Cost savings for hotels means more money to spend on guest amenities and other things that can improve your guests’ stay at the hotel.
  • Eco Friendly. Looking for positive PR? If you’re a large hotel in your city and one of the first to invest in an energy-saving LED lighting project, you’ll be seen as an environmentally conscious business that cares about reducing your carbon footprint.

The Benefits of LED Lights for Hotel Rooms

There are benefits to adding LED lights to all the rooms in your hotel, whether those are individual hotel rooms, the lobby, or event spaces. The benefits of LED lighting can be helpful specifically to hotels for a few reasons.

Customization—Colored Lights, Occupancy Sensors, and More

When it comes to lighting design in specific rooms or in the main lobby areas of your hotel, you want to ensure you have a design that will make guests feel comfortable and improve mood. Colored lights can take a space from warm and inviting to comforting and cool. Depending on what vibe your hotel is aiming for, LEDs can help you achieve a specific look and feel. The colors of lights in hotels contribute to guests’ sense of comfort and wellness.

Occupancy sensors can also improve the guest experience at a hotel. Simple things like not having to flip a switch when you first enter the room or go into the bathroom can make a stay much more relaxing and enjoyable. Of course, lights can be installed with dimming settings so guests have the option to turn them down or off completely. But smart technology is a nice touch to have.

Be Creative With Design

Beyond basic customization options, LEDs offer the capability to design something truly unique. An experienced lighting contractor can help you use the lighting in your facility to create an experience for your guests. Whether you want to change the colors or the types of fixtures in various spaces, LEDs are the best form of lighting to create the exact ambiance you are looking for in your hotel.

LEDs can also be integrated into a lighting design so that they’re indistinguishable from a traditional incandescent bulb. This makes it extremely easy to take old fixtures and add a modern touch—a great benefit for hotels looking to keep a historic look or feel intact.

We’re Ready to Help You Achieve An Energy Efficient Hotel Design With LEDs

Have you been considering LED lighting fixtures for your hotel? There are several benefits not only for the employees and owners but also for guests. The lighting experts at Lighting Solutions are ready to design and install the ideal solution for your unique hotel. We will keep your guests’ needs in mind all while helping you achieve cost savings and reducing energy consumption.

Whether you want to evoke a certain mood or emotion in guests or install basic LED lights in event rooms, we can help implement the right solution. If you’re ready to get started with a lighting and energy audit, contact the professionals at Lighting Solutions today.