The Art of LED Lights

What is the Art of Lights?

Light art or luminism is an art form. It uses light as the main medium of expression. The art depicts an illuminated sculpture or using art in a way that creates a ‘sculpture’ by changing the color and shadows. The sculptures could be permanent or temporary. Indoor galleries are the best option for displaying this art form. Museum exhibits, events, and festivals are also great options.

The new concept of light art is becoming popular with Light Emitting Diodes LED lights. LED lights are perfect for experimenting with various designs. The LED lights bring innovation to the light art. This type of light offers endless possibilities. Artists use LEDs as a special LED art. These lights are inexpensive and easy to us. The popularity of LED art is increasing. Artists create incredible temporary art pieces, like sculptures and other interactive artworks.

Equipment used in LED Art

The equipment needed to create beautiful art forms from LEDs, depends on the type and size of the sculptures. A sculpture resembling a walking person, created by Random International, using 15 LEDs. The LEDs positioned in such a way that their pattern mimics the movements of a person walking.  This particular sculpture required using:

  • Laser cut aluminum pieces
  • Computer
  • LEDs
  • Software
  • Electronics
  • Motors

Other elaborate sculpture, created using LED lights is the “Human Nature”. This sculpture created for Aqua Shard, a restaurant in London, was equipped with Soraa LED lights. It used Mentor LED Remote fixtures. The sculpture was 9 meters tall. 3D printing technology played an important role in creating the Human Nature. The project was temporary but it was a major attraction for the restaurant.


One of the most commonly used LED equipment for light art is Blinkies. These tiny lights are highly customizable. Blinkies emit bright flashing light. The tiny LED lights use small batteries to power them. Technically, blinkies are electronic devices used in nighttime events, parties and light art.  The body of a blinkie comprises of two tiny metal pieces. These two pieces are designed to accept a cell battery.

LED art is growing; as the equipment is not expensive, it is easier for upcoming artists to create their artwork. Lighting solutions offer different types of LED lights perfect for light art.