5 Benefits of Lighting Control Systems

5 Benefits of Lighting Control Systems | Lighting Solutions

Smart lighting control systems—automation technology you can trust

If you had to guess, what’s the busiest appliance in your building? For many people, it’s the lighting system. That’s because it only has one true control variable. In most cases, flipping a light switch turns the lights on or off, but it doesn’t determine the level of brightness. Fortunately, the experts at Lighting Solutions develop efficient technology to not only give you better control of lighting variances but ultimately to drive energy costs down.

Let’s break down everything you need to know about lighting control technology.

5 Key Advantages of Commercial Light Control Systems


There are many physical advantages to having a lighting control system installed in your home or office. No longer do you have to get up just to adjust the light in the room. Most light control systems operate via motion sensors. This automatically turns the light on as soon as someone enters the space. Another option is remote technology. You can simply download a light control app on your phone and adjust the light levels from virtually anywhere.


One of the most important aspects of commercial lighting is visual appeal. That’s where the concept of light dimming is important. Instead of blasting a glaring light on full brightness, you can use your light control system to adjust to a setting that’s easy on the eyes. With these adjustable dimming controls, you can keep a room in its best light.


Proper lighting helps bring a space to life, but that’s only when it complements the aesthetics of the rest of the room. That’s the beauty of lighting control technology. Most of these appliances can blend in easily with the surrounding decor. Users can install switches and decorate them to match the interior design instead of having an unattractive faceplate that sticks out like a sore thumb.


One of the most important benefits is improved safety. A light control system is an excellent safety feature for any interior environment. Not only can you manage the illumination of your room, but you can also control different variances of emergency lights. By integrating your light control appliance with your alarm system, you’re able to place an emphasis on exit signs, fire prevention equipment, and first aid kits. In addition, you can program lights to provide a flashing alert in the event of an emergency such as a fire or building invasion.

Energy Savings

If you’re looking for an easy way to avoid expensive energy bills, then a lighting control system is an energy-efficient appliance worth investing in. Today’s lighting control technology is smart technology. Most appliances are engineered with occupancy sensors, which is a feature that detects when people are present, so the light system automatically shuts off when nobody is occupying the room. This helps prevent energy waste and allows you to preserve a sufficient amount of power from each light bulb.

Simplify the Way You Control Your Light

When it comes to light control, the experts at Lighting Solutions have all the answers. Whether it’s home lighting or commercial building support, we’re here to help you create the bright, comfortable environment you deserve. With us, you get an Energy Star solution perfectly tailored for all of your needs.

When you’re ready to capitalize on brilliant lighting and exceptional savings, the Lighting Solutions team is here to serve you. Contact us to set up your free energy audit!