3 Hidden Ways LED Lighting Affects Your Office

Did you know that LED lighting can have a positive, hidden impacts on your office? Because of this, lighting is one of the first building systems to consider upgrading. Outdated lighting is a major energy hog which is why people consider switching. Another reason is because LED lighting can have hidden impacts on your office. Here are three hidden impacts:

Hidden Impact #1: Trips, Slips and Falls

Want to reduce employee accidents? Outdated or inadequate lighting can have a negative impact on employee safety. Hallways, stairwells, and parking garages are all places that need to have LED lighting for your employee’s safety. Stairwells are usually the costliest because they are typically always on. Therefore LED lighting is an excellent choice.

Hidden Impact #2: Employee Productivity

Want to get the most out of your employees? Lighting places a huge role on how employees feel at work. Harsh lighting and dim lighting are equally detrimental to the productivity of your workers. Wellbeing focused LED lighting has a positive impact on employee’s physical health, mood, performance and overall wellbeing. This is one of the main reasons that companies switch to LED lighting.

Hidden Impact #3: Company Brand

Do you want your company to stand out? The way your office looks says a lot about your brand and culture. If you are innovative and foster creativity you will be up to date on your lighting. Your office should be reviewed every year to make sure you are remaining competitive.

Why Choose Lighting Solutions?

Here at Lighting Solutions we want to be with you every step of the way during your LED transition. We will completely transform your workspace and your monthly energy expenses with a custom lighting retrofit. Contact us today for any questions you may have about LED lighting and how it could benefit your office. The end result is remarkable!