Month: December 2019

Large Scale Led Lights

All About the LED Lighting Revolution

There’s a new form of lighting on the block, and it’s lighting up the block better than any traditional lighting sources ever could. Okay, it’s not really that new. This type of lighting has actually been around for a while, but it’s revolutionizing the way we look at light—and for good reason. Here’s everything you Read more…

Hotel LED Lights: Benefits of LEDs in Hotels | Lighting Solutions

Hotel LED Lights: Benefits of LEDs in Hotels

LEDs are becoming a popular lighting choice for all types of businesses. Big-box retailers, warehouses, office spaces, hospitals, and various other facilities and industries are starting to realize how advantageous LEDs truly are when compared to traditional lighting. LEDs have even become a popular choice for outdoor lighting in applications including parking lots and outdoor Read more…

led lamps in well lit facility

Benefits of Switching to LED Lighting

Thanks to their compact size, low consumption of energy, and extended lifetime, it’s no wonder that LEDs are used in a variety of applications. From warehouses and parking lots to big-box retailers and small offices, LEDs have become a popular type of commercial lighting for businesses that are looking to update their lighting fixtures. If Read more…