Month: June 2018

Content Image Low Angle View Of A Cherry Picker Being Used In A Warehouse | Lighting Solutions

The Declining Cost of LED Lighting

The quality of LED lighting led to its acceptance as a substitute for traditional lighting solutions like incandescent bulbs and fluorescent lighting. However, the cost has always been seen as a hurdle in overall acceptance of LEDs. The light that came from LED’s, it was initially thought, was too bright and harsh to make changing Read more…

Content Image Man Fixing The Light Switch | Lighting Solutions

Four Things to Consider when Installing Smart Switches

Everything seems to be getting “smarter.”  Old technologies like room lighting are developing to increase control and function. This leads to lighting being more efficient, easier to maintain and more energy efficient. Now, the humble light switch has recently joined the ranks of devices that can integrate into a smart home system. In fact, the Read more…