10 Steps to Performing an Energy Audit

Lighting audits are important for your company to make sure you’re saving money on your lighting. Lighting Solution’s audits show your business the problems you may have had in the past or potentially have in the future. Here are 10 steps to performing an energy audit:

  1. Ask your customer whether the light level is satisfactory or if they have more or less intensity in some areas so that you can address their needs. Most say that they are just concerned with energy savings.
  2. Have customer provide the last 12 months of utility bills.
  3. Inquire about the hours that each area is on each week.
  4. If you can get a copy of the blueprint of the area it will save time. Walk each area of the facility and either measure it or use the blueprint dimensions.
  5. Use a light meter to take foot-candle readings in each space.
  6. Observe how each fixture type is mounted and photograph each space.
  7. Select an energy-efficient luminaire that provides similar to the equal amount of lumens with a similar distribution and lamp color temperature.
  8. Use a software program to calculate savings and prepare presentation information.
  9. Consider other ways to reduce energy and/or make space look brighter without increasing energy consumption. It is likely that simple controls such as opponency sensors could enhance the savings.
  10. Check with the local utility for any energy saving rebates that may be available for this project.

Energy for lighting accounts for about 10% of your electric bill. It is important to do an energy audit and make sure you cut down costs as much as possible. We can tell you how you can save money with us. Contact us today for your lighting energy audit, we would love to help!